Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comic Testing

Welcome back readers. First of I would like to apologize for the lack of Thursday Post. Things happen in the world and life just prevents some of us from doing anything productive. (Don't worry I am back on track with this project.)

 I probably should explain a little bit of what I have going on here this week. This is my first comic painting that I have done. It is actually a test for a future series I wish to run, perhaps it will become my Thursday posts. This comic was actually a design project for a class, it is an illustration of a scene from the book "Agents of Artifice" by Ari Marmell. For those that have read this great novel, yes Chandra is not in the book. However I needed some element that was Red. Chandra just fits the bill, plus she is one of my favorite of the Planeswalkers.

Next week please look forward to the first for my comic series: "The Codex of Betrayal".

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  1. Comics today are nothing like when I was a child reading "The Archies". I love the art, how it flows outside of the box and takes the artistic eye on a pleasing colorful journey, unlike the intellectual brain which can only comprehend traversing from one cubicle to next. Good job.