Thursday, March 31, 2011

One of Bill's favorite things: Birds

Well I cannot believe it has already been a week since my first post. I guess this really is our first week of content however.  For my contributions in the upcoming weeks I will be sharing a weekly painting. Not to get all of your hopes up but they will only be a small sized painting.

I just finished a small novella called “Jonathan Livington Seagull” by Richard Bach. This novella is an inspirational classic from the 70’s that really compares the blind life of religion to a flock of seagulls. The painting here, is what I imaged what happened at the end of Part One, when two radiant birds come for Jonathan to take him to a "higher plane of existence" (a possible allusion that there is no heaven but a better world found through perfection of knowledge), where he meets other gulls who love to fly. The learning process, linking the highly experienced teacher and the diligent student, is raised into almost sacred levels, suggesting that "a seagull is an unlimited idea of freedom, an image of the Great Gull."

In all it was a good read and its only 127 pages so it’s pretty short and one can finish it in an afternoon, so pick up a copy if you happen to come across one.

I will see you all next week when I post my next painting of the week.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Dreams.

Alright, so, since I've been taking these anti-depressants, I've been having really bizarre dreams. They're pretty awesome. For instance, I had a dream quite recently about an Ex-girlfriend appearing to me and informing me she'll never let me forget about her. She's pretty spot-on for being a figment of my psyche. Others have involved herding children through a dangerous jungle, fleeing the malevolent pokemon known as Meowth. Other times, I'm beating in a crazy man's face with the butt of a plastic shotgun for threatening to kill my father. Oh, the good times I have while I'm asleep.

All sarcasm aside, it's usually quite an exciting moment for me the time when I head to bed. Pill chugged down with a glass of ice cold water, headphones snuggly over my ears, I'm swept away into my own vivid amalgam of psyche and imagination. Some of my friends may know this about me, but you, the humble reader, may not. Being unemployed, I have a very large amount of free time on my hands, and I typically spend that time either asleep, or playing online video games. As amazing as that might sound, trust me, it isn't.

So, here's the very first White Boy Dance Moves comic brought to you every Tuesday by your benevolent Over-mind. Please remember to check back on Thursday for an update by our own residential Bearded mountain man, Bill P.

(also, as a side-note, thank you to good friend Erik P for the name White Boy Dance Moves. It's time you get the recognition you deserve. Shine on, you crazy diamond.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introduction to a Partnership

Dear World,
This would be the second post now for the “White Boy Dance Moves” project.  I am they second author and artist that will be appearing in this blog. Like my Co-author, I am an amateur hoping to grow in this experimental journey that, hopefully, with the help of you the readers we will make a permanent project. My background as an artist is very narrow other than the fact that I am a college student enrolled as an Art Education Major.  On a personal note I too am diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and always have found art to be therapeutic. The only problem is that I have never been able to keep up with it on a consistent basis. I hope that all of that will change with the introduction of WBDM. Please feel free to check out my profile if you would like to learn more about myself.

On an update note Garrett and I have decided to create a Tuesday/Thursday update schedule. That is if we manage stick to it. (Garrett's Note: We're going to stick to it.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the Beginning of Something Beautiful

Hello, Shalom and Welcome to the very first installment of a pet project I'm calling "White Boy Dance Moves". Just a quick word, I just chose this title because it's silly. I'm not going to be teaching any of you how to Tango or Mamba.

Basically, this is a place for me (and hopefully an accomplice) to post art and vent. There is so little thought that actually went into this before just right now, so we're on an adventure. I guess I could start with a little bit about myself. I've been drawing for something close to ten years now. I don't think very highly of it. At best, I'm an enthusiastic amateur. I'm working on it, and hopefully you'll get to watch me progress. I've been on anti-depression medicine for the last two months, and have decided to make an auto-biographical comic strip to sort of chronicle the whole process. Here, my beauties, is the repository for said comics. I can't guarantee consistent updates (my cohort is the one with the scanner), but I can guarantee that I'll try my very damnedest to upload often. While I can't say any are exactly funny or noteworthy, I do find making them very therapeutic and maybe you'll find something interesting.

So please, check back frequently. It's going to be amazing, and you always wanted to get in on the ground floor of something amazing, haven't you?

Love, sincerely,
The man in the hat.