Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Dreams.

Alright, so, since I've been taking these anti-depressants, I've been having really bizarre dreams. They're pretty awesome. For instance, I had a dream quite recently about an Ex-girlfriend appearing to me and informing me she'll never let me forget about her. She's pretty spot-on for being a figment of my psyche. Others have involved herding children through a dangerous jungle, fleeing the malevolent pokemon known as Meowth. Other times, I'm beating in a crazy man's face with the butt of a plastic shotgun for threatening to kill my father. Oh, the good times I have while I'm asleep.

All sarcasm aside, it's usually quite an exciting moment for me the time when I head to bed. Pill chugged down with a glass of ice cold water, headphones snuggly over my ears, I'm swept away into my own vivid amalgam of psyche and imagination. Some of my friends may know this about me, but you, the humble reader, may not. Being unemployed, I have a very large amount of free time on my hands, and I typically spend that time either asleep, or playing online video games. As amazing as that might sound, trust me, it isn't.

So, here's the very first White Boy Dance Moves comic brought to you every Tuesday by your benevolent Over-mind. Please remember to check back on Thursday for an update by our own residential Bearded mountain man, Bill P.

(also, as a side-note, thank you to good friend Erik P for the name White Boy Dance Moves. It's time you get the recognition you deserve. Shine on, you crazy diamond.)

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