Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday To You

Last night was Alex's 21st birthday, and as good friend of the WBDM team, I made this little comic as a remembrance of last night.

Another good friend of the WBDM decided to bring a lady friend with us to the celebration, and this lady, as nice as she is, just doesn't shut up. An entire hour went on without her stopping to breathe. It was really a spectacle to behold.

Alex, already lost all of his patience, lays down the rules.

Poor guy.

We went to a pool hall and had a genuinely good time. Alex got right and shit-faced as is customary on a 21st birthday. We played some pool, I'm terrible at it, but it was fun.

Being underage, I got to be Designated Driver. That suited me just fine. I don't drink that much any more after an incident during Christmas. Let's just put it this way; a near-full bottle of 103 proof whiskey, an hour and a half and then an empty bottle of 103 proof whiskey. That was certainly not a good night for me.

It's the same thing for me every time. I don't know my limits until I'm laying in bed, clutching my gut and muttering "I don't want to die" into my pillow. I'm still young and have a full life ahead of me to make mistakes and I really, really can't wait to make them


  1. I enjoyed reading your post, it brought back some great memories of long, long..... aw hell..... longgggggg.....ago!

    Anyway, when I was your age I never wanted to go to sleep at night. I was always afraid I might miss something.

    I hope you guys enjoy every second of the great adventure!

  2. Happy Birthday Alex, and many more. May all of you, especially the author, live to make many many mistakes and learn to live well along the way. Love always, sincerely...