Thursday, April 21, 2011

Impromptu Filler Content.

No art this time. Sorry.

Bill would like me to apologize for not having an update this week. He's been absolutely swamped with real life things. Us here at WBDM Headquarters would like to wish him the best of luck.

Since this is all sort of spur-of-the-moment content, I'd just like to briefly go over what White Boy Dance Moves means to me. To me, this is 1 part art, 1 part wishy-washy web log and 10 parts opportunity to spend time with a friend I don't get to see all that often any more.

I think since we first met in Middle School, Bill and I had pretty much the same passion for Art. I wanted a sort of outlet for my drawing, and I wanted Bill to become involved. He's definitely a very talented individual whom I deeply, deeply respect. 

We were talking one day about his fears for the future. I can certainly relate. The future for an artist is uncertain at best, even worse for an art teacher. I approached Bill and gave him the offer to co-write a blog with me. Not really as a business venture or anything, but simply a way to pass the time and share what we both love. I've been simply ecstatic that he decided to join me in this silly little endeavour and really enjoy checking on Thursdays for what my friend has to say.

We're still in the infancy stages of this project, but I see big things in the future for White Boy Dance Moves, and couldn't think of a better man to co-pilot this with me.

God speed, William. I hope you find your silver lining.

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  1. No Art?!!! Well, Bill--life happens. The best we can hope for is a good friend who carries us through the rough spots. Hanging on to each other is the best that we can give. Hope to see you soon. Miss you already.